The Majalla

The SUSRIS Project and its companion Web sites are pleased to introduce you to The Majalla, a terrific weekly current affairs magazine that brings you many important, informative articles and interviews on the pressing issues across the Middle East. Click here for the Majalla Web site.

The Majalla

About the Majalla

THE MAJALLA is a current affairs magazine, published weekly in both English and Arabic. Since it was first published in 1980 from London, THE MAJALLA has been considered one of the leading political affairs magazine of the Arab world. As a member of SRPC publications, we are committed to living up to this title by providing our readers with the most accurate and objective journalism.

THE MAJALLA offers an array of articles addressing the most important issues facing the Middle East and the world today. From political analysis of developing stories, to debates between world class intellectuals, and interviews of leading political figures, our magazine is dedicated to providing the public with informative analyses of the current events shaping the global order. More importantly, THE MAJALLA is an ideas driven publication that goes beyond reporting and provides in-depth analysis and policy recommendations.

We hope you will find that our work contributes to the greater debates taking place in the media, and that you find reading our magazine as enjoyable as we find writing it.


Adel Al-Toraifi


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