The Islamic State

Published: August 30, 2014

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[As of Feb 19, 2015 updates to this topic will be posted to a new SUSRIS Special Section titled “Countering Violent Extremism”] Link 

This SUSRIS Special Section provides resources for context and background on the Islamic State, which emerged in 2014 as a potent military force that gobbled up wide swaths of territory in Iraq and Syria and demonstrated unprecedented barbarity against its opponents and innocent populations.


The Islamic State has galvanized the United States, its allies and even its adversaries in a common pool of nations that are threatened by the Islamic State’s rapid growth, militant ideology, and potent threat to regional and security.

SUSRIS has compiled articles, interviews, special reports, videos, and other resources here to provide background, context, analyses and reference material on this important topic. We welcome your feedback on how we can improve this section.

Note: The Islamic State is variously referred to as “ISIS”, “ISIL” and “Da’ish”]

[See also: “Crisis in Iraq” SUSRIS Special Section from June 2014]




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