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The SUSRIS project — an independent, private-sector information resource – offers objective, comprehensive news and information on the history, breadth and depth of the US-Saudi Arabia relationship. SUSRIS and its e-newsletters provide information from a variety of sources that would otherwise be difficult for most readers to uncover. In addition, SUSRIS offers original materials such […]

There are many sources for videos online and the SUSRIStube site is one place where you can visit to find the ones relevant to an understanding of the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. SUSRIStube is a companion site of the SUSRIS (Saudi-US Relations Information Service) and the SUSRIS Blog, which chronicle developments […]



ArabiaLink was launched in 1999 as the on-line home of the GulfWire e-newsletter, one of the first Internet sources of news and reference material on Gulf affairs. Check for more info.

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