Heinz Fischer

Heinz Fischer

Heinz Fischer – President of Austria

Curriculum Vitae

Born 9 October 1938 in Graz, Austria, and raised in Vienna after the war
Graduated from a classical secondary school in Vienna in 1956
Compulsory military service in the Austrian Federal Army
Studied law at the University of Vienna
Doctorate in law in 1961, followed by year of judicial clerkship (Gerichtsjahr)
Post-doctoral lecturing qualification (Habilitation) in political science at the University of Innsbruck in 1978
Appointed full professor of political science in 1994
Married to Margit Fischer, née Binder, since 1968
Children: Philip (born 1972) and Lisa (born 1975)

Professional Career

8 July 2010: Inauguration for a second term in office as Federal President of the Republic of Austria
25 April 2010: Re-elected Federal President of the Republic of Austria with 79.3% of the valid votes
25 April 2004: Elected Federal President of the Republic of Austria with 52.4% of the votes
1990 – 2002: Speaker of the Austrian National Assembly
1983 – 1987: Federal Minister of Science and Research
1993 – 2004 Vice-Chairman of the Party of European Social Democrats
1979 – 2004: Vice-Chairman of the Austrian Social Democratic Party
1975 – 1983 and 1987 – 1990: Chairman of the Social Democratic Group in the Austrian National Assembly
1971 – 2004: Member of the Austrian National Assembly
As of 1963: Secretary of the Social Democratic Group in the Austrian National Assembly

Other Positions

2005 – present: Honorary President of the Austrian Friends of Nature
2004 – present: Patron of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
2003 – 2004: Vice-President in the Austrian Convention
2002 – 2004: Member of the National Security Council
1996 – 2004: Vice-President of the Institute for Advanced Studies
1995 – 2002: President of the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism
1993 – present: Co-founder and co-editor of the Austrian “Journal für Rechtspolitik” (Journal for Legal Policy)
1987 – 2003: Member of the Foreign Affairs Council of the Republic of Austria
1987 – 1990: Member of the National Defence Council
1976 – 2005: Vice-President of the Austrian-Chinese Society
1975 – 2002: Member of the Governing Council of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
1972 – 2005: President of the Austrian Friends of Nature
1972: Co-founder of the Austrian Journal of Political Science, and
1972 – 2004: Co-editor of the Austrian Journal of Political Science
1971 – 1974: Member of the Expert Committee on Issues of Fundamental Rights and Liberties
1970: Co-founder of the Austrian Society of Political Science
1970: Co-founder of Amnesty International in Austria
1969 – 1987: Co-editor of the monthly magazine “Die Zukunft” (The Future)
1968 – 1972: Member of the Austrian Higher-Education Reform Commission

Books and Publications

  • Überzeugungen – Eine politische Biografie
    (My Convictions – A Political Biography, Vienna 2006)
  • Wende-Zeiten – ein österreichischer Zwischenbefund
    (Times of Change: An Austrian Interim Report, Vienna 2003)
  • Reflexionen (Reflections, Vienna 1998)
  • Die Kreisky-Jahre 1967-1983 (The Kreisky Era: 1967-1983, Vienna 1993)
  • Kommentar zur Österreichischen Nationalratswahlordnung 1992
    (Commentary on the National Assembly Election Law of 1992)
  • Herausgabe der Reden von Bruno Kreisky (Speeches by Bruno Kreisky, 2 volumes, Austrian State Printing House, Vienna 1981)
  • Das politische System Österreichs (The Austrian Political System, Vienna 1974)
  • Texte zur Österreichischen Verfassungsgeschichte
    (Texts on the Austrian Constitutional History, Vienna 1970)
  • Kommentar zur Geschäftsordnung des Österreichischen Nationalrats (Commentary on the National Assembly’s Rules of Procedure, with Dr. W. Czerny, Vienna 1968)

Honorary Doctorate from the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (2009)
Honorary Doctorate from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tel Aviv (2008)
Numerous honorary medals and decorations

Source: Bundesprasident der Republik Osterreich