Aramco Overseas Company

As the national oil company of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco is charged with leveraging the greatest possible benefits from the nation’s hydrocarbon endowment. As an indirect affiliate to Saudi Aramco, Aramco Overseas Company’s vision and mission are linked to our parent company’s high level corporate goal to participate effectively throughout the petroleum value chain.

Saudi Aramco’s strategic direction is closely linked with the needs and aspirations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is summarized in the company’s Corporate Strategic Direction; to deliver maximum financial contribution to the enterprise and to promote development of the local economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Similarly, as an indirect affiliate of Saudi Aramco, we are ever mindful that our own corporate strategy and hence our vision and mission, are guided by the imperatives of our parent company.

Our Vision:

To be valued as Saudi Aramco’s representatives in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

This vision recognizes our key role in the promotion of Saudi Aramco interests through our worldwide operations.

Our Mission:

To maximize downstream investment revenue and provide optimal operational and project support to Saudi Aramco.

This mission reflects our twin operational themes: To provide services to the Saudi Aramco enterprise, its suppliers and Saudi Arabian interests; and to maximize our financial contributions to Saudi Aramco and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by directing AOC Joint Venture investments in the downstream oil sector.