Glossary Terms


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

Riyadh Declaration

The Counter-Terrorism International Conference held in Riyadh February 5-8, 2005, issued a final communiqué on February 8, to be known as the ‘Riyadh Declaration’.

Riyadh Economic Forum

This annual Riyadh Economic Forum is organized by the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) under the patronage of King Abdullah. The Forum focuses on social and economic developments in Saudi Arabia.

Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY)

On 21 September 1975, the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) was established as an autonomous organization of the Saudi Government. The Commission is governed by a Board of Directors and its Chairman reports to the Council of Ministers.

Russia (Russian Federation)

Russia (Russian Federation)
Founded in the 12th century, the Principality of Muscovy, was able to emerge from over 200 years of Mongol domination (13th-15th centuries) and to gradually conquer and absorb surrounding principalities.