Glossary Terms

Ibrahim al-Asiri

Ibrahim al-Asiri is a Saudi citizen born April 18, 1982 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He is suspected of being the chief bomb maker of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. It is reported that he is responsible for the bombs used in the 2009 Christmas Day bomb plot, the 2010 cargo plane bomb plot,and the […]

Independent Water and Power Project (IWPP)

In July 2002, the Supreme Economic Council passed a resolution setting out a framework for private sector involvement in developing mega-scale integrated Independent Water and Power Projects ( IWPPs ).


INEGMA is a strategy and security consultancy, research house, and leading conference organizer in defense, security, and risk areas, headquartered in Dubai and with offices in Washington D.C., Brussels, and Beirut. We bring together the reach of a strong international network with specialist expertise and proven competence across a spectrum of advisory areas including political security, […]

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

The IAEA Secretariat – the international body of staff tasked with running the Agency – is made up of a team of 2300 multi-disciplinary professional and support staff from more than 100 countries. They come from scientific, technical, managerial, and professional disciplines.

International Finance Corporation

International Finance Corporation delivers global expertise to clients in more than a 100 developing countries. IFC provides both immediate and long-term financing, and we combine it with advice that helps companies grow quickly and sustainably.

International Monetary Fund

The IMF promotes international monetary cooperation and exchange rate stability, facilitates the balanced growth of international trade, and provides resources to help members in balance of payments difficulties or to assist with poverty reduction.

International Trade Administration (ITA)

Overview The International Trade Administration (ITA) strengthens the competitiveness of U.S. industry, promotes trade and investment, and ensures fair trade through the rigorous enforcement of our trade laws and agreements. ITA works to improve the global business environment and helps U.S. organizations compete at home and abroad. ITA supports President Obama’s recovery agenda and the […]


Formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, Iraq was occupied by Britain during the course of World War I; in 1920, it was declared a League of Nations mandate under UK administration. In stages over the next dozen years, Iraq attained its independence as a kingdom in 1932.

Islamic (Iran) Revolution 1979

In 1921 Reza Khan, commander of an Iranian cossack force, overthrew the decadent Kajar dynasty, and, as Reza Shah Pahlevi, established the Pahlevi dynasty in 1925.

Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamic Republic of Iran
Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979, when the monarchy was overthrown and clerics assumed political control under supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

The Iranian revolution put an end to the rule of the Shah, who had alienated powerful religious, political and popular forces with a programme of modernization and Westernization coupled with heavy repression of dissent.

Islamic State Group

Islamic State Group
a.k.a.: Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL, Da’esh, Daesh, Fahesh, Fa’esh

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Few international disputes have generated as much emotion, passion, anguish, and diplomatic gridlock as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Rooted in decades of clashes over religion, borders, and territory, the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians has engulfed scores of politicians, diplomats, and others in a peace process in which the ultimate goal has been tantalizingly close on numerous occasions only to be dismantled at the 11th hour.