Omar Bahlaiwa

Eng. Omar Bahlaiwa

Engineer Omar Bahlaiwa
Secretary General, Committee for International Trade, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Omar Bahlaiwa is the Secretary General of Committee of International Trade (CIT) for Saudi Arabia. As such his current role is to enhance and promote the country‚Äôs image internationally, leading prominent business delegations to Europe, North America and other key OECD nations to expand commercial opportunities in Saudi Arabia globally. He works closely with his contacts in both local and international business communities to promote exports and attract foreign direct investment to Saudi Arabia. He has been selected as one of the “Leaders in Saudi Arabia” for 2007 and 2011.

Mr. Bahlaiwa is an engineer by education and training and he has experience managing Saudi companies including Senior Technical Analyst at the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF), Plant Manager for Al-Moajil Sack Factory, VP Sales & Marketing for Saudi Industrial Export Company, General Manager for MATTEX and Assistant Secretary General for Foreign Affairs for the Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Source: CIT

Aug 9, 2013