David D. Bosch

David D. Bosch

David D. Bosch
Chairman, National Council on US-Arab Relations

Mr. Bosch is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (NCUSAR). He has more than 30 years of work and other professional experience related to U.S.-Arab relations, commencing over 20 years working for Aramco in Saudi Arabia from 1974, an exciting period during which Aramco (and its successor Saudi Aramco) grew to become the world’s largest oil company. He became Director of the company’s Washington, D.C. office in 1995, where he worked on U.S.-Arab issues with the U.S. Government, the policy making community, public policy research institutes, numerous non-governmental organizations, including the National Council on US-Arab Relations, and other organizations in Washington. He has been a friend of the Council almost since its founding in 1983.

Mr. Bosch spent most of his formative years in the Arab world, starting when his family moved from New Jersey to Iraq in 1951, where his father, Dr. Donald T. Bosch, began work as a specialized surgeon in the American Mission Hospital in Amarah. As his parents had assignments in Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain, Mr. Bosch grew up largely in the Gulf countries and picked up colloquial Arabic from childhood. After attending Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana for two years, he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at the American University of Beirut, and then attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for his Master of Business Administration Degree.

Mr. Bosch was active in the American business organizations in the Gulf starting in 1978, when he served as Treasurer of the American Businessmen’s Group of Riyadh. Moving to Dhahran in 1978, he served first as a board member and in 1984 was elected President of the American Business Council in the Eastern Province and served for four years. As President, Mr. Bosch organized events to host officials from both the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, including then Vice President George H.W. Bush, and HRH Prince Muhammad bin Fahd, Governor of the Eastern Province, and also raised the profile of the American Business Council through many programs in cooperation with the Saudi Chambers of Commerce.

Mr. Bosch organized the first delegations of American business leaders to travel from their workplaces in Saudi Arabia to Washington, D.C. to make the U.S. government, including Congressional offices, aware of ways to assist American companies to gain more U.S. exports to Saudi Arabia and the GCC countries, and to thereby produce more jobs at home in the U.S. His leadership in coordinating these activities among the American business organizations in Saudi Arabia and then the wider Gulf region resulted in 1988 in his election as founding Vice Chairman of the American Business Council of the (six GCC) Gulf Countries.

Mr. Bosch has served as a board member of Saudi Refining Inc., the Middle East Insitute, the World Affairs Council of Washington, DC, the Textile Museum, and Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies. Since retiring in 2008, Mr. Bosch and his wife Leslie have spent the last five years assisting their respective parents, participating in two archaeological expeditions in Oman, and living in Oman and in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from where they traveled throughout Asia for two years. Married for 37 years, they have two grown children, Aniesa and Jonathan.

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