Analysis | Saudi Economy – Jadwa Chartbook – September 2015
Commerce & Finance | 09/01/2015

Analysis | Saudi Economy – Jadwa Chartbook – September 2015

Editor’s Note: The Jadwa Investment firm in Riyadh introduced the “Saudi Chartbook” to provide a quick, chart-based briefing on the key developments and trends in the Saudi economy and stock market. SUSRIS is pleased to provide the summary and key data from the September 2015 Saudi Chartbook and a link to the complete report rich with illuminating charts and graphs. […]

Crown Prince Salman confers with President Obama in the White House (Photo: SPA)
Foreign Affairs & Regional Issues | 09/01/2015

The President, King Salman, and the Gulf Between Them – Cordesman

These are tough times the strategic partnership that is the US-Saudi relationship is facing across the region in the realm of security and stability and there is no shortage of issues on the table for King Salman and President Obama, and their advisors. As a lead in to the summit and the related top-level meetings and forums we are pleased to share for your consideration an insightful scene-setting essay from Dr. Anthony Cordesman.”

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