Anywhere But Saudi Arabia! Experiences of a Once Reluctant – Kathy Cuddihy

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“The chief virtue of this book is that it is AUTHENTIC. It rings true in every degree…

It is a woman’s perspective on life in the Kingdom, and there is no question that the “d” restrictions, that is, dress, demeanor, and driving, weigh more heavily on the Western woman than the Western man. And it is compounded by that wonderfully fuzzy and gray era on quasi-legal work. Cuddihy was in that sub-set, with the right personality, to rise to the challenge. She decided to explore, and come to terms with the world around her. At some level, it would seem self-evident, but success lay in breaking out of the endless griping and gossiping of the company coffee klatches. She (and her husband) made non-company friends, explored Riyadh, took up tennis, learned Arabic, and even more seemingly bizarre, certainly from the point of view of other members of the compound, sought out Saudi friends…

An authentic account of life in Riyadh, from the perspective of one energetic expat woman. 5-stars.”

—John Paul Jones III

“Kathy is a candid and eloquent writer who chooses her words carefully to paint the perfect picture which captures her experiences during life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I highly endorse Kathy’s work as a must read for anyone with an interest or plan to work or live as an expatriate in Saudi Arabia. She walks one easily through the shifting dunes which encompass the beauty and treasures of Saudi Arabia.”

—Carol Fleming

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