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When you sign up you’ll be given an opportunity to add other related newsletters to your email preferences, in addition to the materials. These other sites are companions to SUSRIS and provide additional perspectives, insights, resources and event info on Saudi Arabia and the region.

The list is expanded from time to time but among the companion web sites on the list you can sign up for are:

Saudi-US Relations (SUSRIS) Newsletters — the articles, interviews and special reports that have been the foundation of SUSRIS since 2003. You will get about 20-30 items per month covering the full scope of interests in the relationship between the America and the Kingdom. ¬†Source:

Saudi-US Relations – Business (SUSRIS-Biz) Newsletters — articles, interviews and special reports about the US and Saudi Arabia with a business, trade, and investment flavor. Source:

Saudi-US Relations BLOG ( Newsletters — the blog postings, essays, guest blog posts, and other eclectic materials about US-Saudi relations and related topics that are posted to About 10-20 items per month.

Saudi-British Relations Information Service (SBRIS) Newsletters — the articles, interviews and special reports addressing the important relationship between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. About 10-20 items per month from the web site:

Saudi-US Trade Group (SUSTG) Daily News Review — a daily compilation of news and business reporting from SUSRIS companion site, Weekdays and one weekly review.

ArabiaLink Newsletters — articles, interviews and special reports from SUSRIS companion site

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