The SUSRIS project — an independent, private-sector information resource – offers objective, comprehensive news and information on the history, breadth and depth of the US-Saudi Arabia relationship. SUSRIS and its e-newsletters provide information from a variety of sources that would otherwise be difficult for most readers to uncover. In addition, SUSRIS offers original materials such as interviews, essays and more.

SUSRIS is a private sector effort and is not affiliated with any government entity. It is sponsored by the Saudi-US Trade Group in Washington, D.C.

The Saudi-U.S. Trade Group (SUSTG) works to enhance understanding of economic, trade, political, cultural and other issues of importance to Saudi Arabian and the U.S.-Saudi relationship. Through its informational and educational programs such as its website (www.SUSTG.org) and other outreach initiatives, SUSTG works to not only increase trade between the two countries but also promote constructive interaction between Saudis and Americans.

SUSTG.org is part of a family of websites that includes SUSRIS and its affiliated sites, SUSRISblog and SUSRIStube, and Arabianomics (www.arabianomics.com).

SUSTG is a 501c6 not-for-profit organization established in 2009.  For more: www.SUSTG.org


The SUSRIS project began as the Saudi-American Forum in 2002 in an effort to produce authoritative information about the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States during a period when there were few quality sources of insights, perspectives and objectivity on the subject. Among those who inspired the project were a group of “expat” Americans who had lived and worked in the Kingdom and believed the American public deserved a truthful account of the importance and relevancy of the relationship.

Those efforts led to the Saudi-US Relations Information Service (SUSRIS), which was launched with the support of the Washington-based National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (NCUSAR), a non profit, non partisan educational organization that seeks to inform Americans about the Arab and Islamic worlds, and its founding president and CEO Dr. John Duke Anthony.

Since its launch in 2003, the response to the SUSRIS project has been tremendous with monthly web site hits measured in the millions. Tens of thousands of interested readers have also signed up to receive the (free) SUSRIS e-newsletter. Moreover, SUSRIS is routinely cited by major international media as a news source.

SUSRIS works to provide information and resources that enable a clear assessment of this important relationship as well as contribute to a better understanding between the people of the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Additional relevant materials are available on the YouTube.com and SlideShare.net web sites in the SUSRIS Channels of each. More related materials are on the SUSRIS companion web sites: www.SUSTG.org, www.ArabiaLink.com and www.SaudiBrit.com. SUSRIS is also available on Twitter (@saudius) and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/saudius).

Contact me with your feedback and learn more about becoming a sponsor.  — Patrick Ryan, Editor-in-Chief, SUSRIS.com 

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