Published: February 26, 2016

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Saudi piles pressure on Lebanon for siding with Iran
Associated Press | Bassem Mroue | 2.26.2016
Saudi Arabia (is) feeling for a good reason that its influence in Lebanon is on the decline,” said Ayham Kamel, a Middle East expert with …

EU lawmakers call for Saudi arms embargo despite lobbying
Associated Press | Lorne Cook and Aya Batrawy | 2.26.2016
In a resolution, the legislators called for the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini “to launch an initiative aimed at imposing an EU arms embargo …

Austerity comes, almost overnight for Saudi Arabia’s citizens
The National | K Balkhi | 2.26.2016
“The politics of waste must end – they have to,” said Khaled Al Maeena, the former editor in chief of Saudi Arabia’s leading English newspaper, …

Saudi Arabia is reeling from falling oil prices. And it could get much worse.
Washington Post | Hugh Naylor | 2.26.2016
“He understands that now is the moment to capitalize on low oil prices by cutting wasteful subsidies and reforming our economy to make us stronger,” …

Commentary: Can Saudi Arabia Afford Its Aid Cut to Lebanon?
Arab Gulf States Institute in Washtingon | Hussein Ibish | 2.26.2016
Arab Gulf states feel that their financial contributions to the mainstream Lebanese state institutions such as the national military haven’t resulted in a commensurate consideration …

Saudi Electricity Company secures US$ 1 bn loan to build power plant
Ventures Onsite | 2.25.2016
Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) will secure a loan of up to $1 billion to partly finance building a power plant, the utility said on the …

Opinion: How can we improve the world’s image of Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Gazette | Majed Abdullah | 2.26.2016
This is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we want, a Kingdom that is viewed by the Western world as great. We want the entire world …

Saudi ‘Raad al-Shamal’ exercise looks smaller than billed
IHS Jane’s 360 | Jeremy Binnie | 2.26.2016
Exercise ‘Raad al-Shamal’ (North Thunder), which began in northern Saudi Arabia on 14 February, has been billed as the largest exercise ever held in the …

Siemens wins Saudi Trains bid with Three Traveling Classes
The Local | 2.26.2016
The trains have been designed so that although it is technically possible to go from the first class to the family class, presumably so the …

Saudi Aramco Releases Tenders For Ras Tanura Refinery Project
WSJ | Kevin Baxter | 2.26.2016
Saudi Arabian Oil Company, known as Saudi Aramco, has released the full commercial and technical tenders for its planned $2 billion clean fuels project at …

Saudi’s Sidra inks deal for luxury London residential project | 2.26.2016
Saudi-based Sidra Capital has announced a partnership with London’s Dwyer Property for the development of Hamilton Drive, a luxury residential development project in the St …





Regional and related topics

Iran’s Guardians’ Council has approved a record-low percentage of candidates. What will that mean for the upcoming vote?
Brookings Institution | Emma Borden and Suzanne Maloney | 2.26.2016
Iranian elections are highly controlled; prospective candidates are reviewed by the Guardians’ Council, a small but powerful clerical institution that is empowered to review parliamentary …

Fighting in Syria rages ahead of cease-fire backed by U.S. and Russia
Washington Post | Hugh Naylor | 2.26.2016
Warring parties in Syria’s multifaceted civil war clawed for final-hour gains Friday before a partial cease-fire that is scheduled to take effect at midnight in …

U.S. Shale Gas Sets Sail…Now What?
Center for Strategic and International Analysis | Jane Nakano and Kevin Book | 2.25.2016
The total liquefaction capacity under construction is 9.1 billion cubic feet per day (bcf/d) or 68 million tons per annum (mmtpa) to date—a volume that …

Islamic State threatens Facebook and Twitter chiefs
Los Angeles Times | Brian Bennett | 2.26.2016
An Islamic State cyber team has threatened two Silicon Valley tech titans, posting a 25-minute video online that shows bullet holes over the faces of …

U.S. sees capture of Syria town key to dismantling Islamic State
Yahoo/Reuters | 2.26.2016
U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told Congress on Thursday that the expected capture of the Syrian town of al-Shadadi would represent a key step toward …

Spy leaders: Libyan politics complicating anti-ISIS fight
The Hill | Julia Hattem | 2.26.2016
Efforts to establish a capable central government in Libya have complicated the Obama administration’s efforts to root out the growing base used by the Islamic …

IMF says G20 meeting in Shanghai must take bold group action to stimulate global growth
CNBC/FT | Shawn Donovan | 2.26.2016
The IMF said G20 economies needed to use all of the tools available, but it put particular emphasis on the need for greater fiscal stimulus …

Get ready for taxes, Christine Lagarde tells UAE and other Gulf nations
The National | Adam Bouyamourn | 2.26.2016
It is time for the Gulf to start taxing its citizens, Christine Lagarde told finance ministers at the Arab Fiscal Forum in Abu Dhabi yesterday. …

The exotic new weapons the Pentagon wants to deter Russia and China
Washington Post | David Ignatius | 2.25.2016
“Our adversaries, quite frankly, are pursuing enhanced human operations,” Work warned a gathering at the Center for a New American Security in December. “And it …

Dubai named top Middle Eastern city for expats
Construction Week Online | Ashleigh McGinley | 2.26.2016
Dubai has ranked as the top Middle Eastern city for expatriate living for the fourth year in a row, according to Mercer’s 2016 Quality of …

Palestinian Detainee Ends Hunger Strike After Deal Reached With Israel
Haaretz | Jack Khoury | 2.26.2016
Palestinian and Israeli officials have reached an agreement to end the hunger strike of a Palestinian detained in Israel. …

The Long Shadow of the Gulf War
The Long Shadow of the Gulf War | Rebecca Friedman Lissner | 2.26.2016
Technologies that were rare and sophisticated in 1991 are now commonplace. Russia and China played catch-up with costly modernization programs while also seeking asymmetric counters …

FIFA election: Moment of truth looms for Arab hopefuls
Middle East Eye | James Corbett | 2.25.2016
The Middle East, particularly the Gulf, is now so deeply entrenched in the global sporting economy that it will make its voice heard one way …





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