Published: February 25, 2016

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Perspective: The oil crisis makes a compelling case for women’s equality in Saudi Arabia
The Guardian | Belinda Palmer | 2.25.2016
But women make up only 16% of the Saudi workforce, standing much in line with the 14% of the UAE and 19% in Bahrain. How …

McKinsey Scores as Saudis Call in Consultants for Economy Reboot
Bloomberg Business | Stefania Bianchi, Matthew Martin and Vivian Nereim | 2.25.2016
Consultancies are set to earn 12 percent more in commissions in Saudi Arabia this year, the fastest growth among the world’s largest advisory markets, according …

Saudi pointman for reform has troubleshooter reputation
Reuters | Angus McDowall | 2.25.2016
A supercommittee on the economy led by Prince Mohammed is working with Fakieh’s Economy and Planning Ministry to develop a national transformation plan that may …

Saudi oil minister touts output freeze, rules out cut
Al-Arabiya/AFP | 2.25.2016
“Freeze is the beginning of a process,” Naimi said at a Houston energy conference. “That means if we can get all the major producers to …

Will U.S. colleges and universities see decline in Saudi-funded students?
Inside HIgher Ed | Elizabeth Redden | 2.25.2016
Here’s what is clear. The number of Saudis coming to intensive English programs, a first indicator of changes in enrollment patterns, is declining. …

Commentary: The Saudis are ‘drawing lines in the sand’ — and showing they are serious about confronting Iran
Business Insider | Natasha Bertrand | 2.25.2016
“Saudi Arabia is signaling that they’re not going to bankroll an effective Iranian satrapy that’s actively aligned against them,” Badran told Business Insider on Tuesday. …

Yemeni rebels pose a rising threat in southern Saudi Arabia
Washington Post | Hugh Naylor | 2.24.2016
Najran residents try to go about life normally, but the scars left by the Yemeni attacks reflect how brutal the fighting has become. …

Saudi Arabia’s non-oil sector remains resilient
Construction Week Online | 2.25.2016
It also revealed Saudi’s white land tax would add up to $13bn in government revenues. Growth performance in non-oil sectors has been impacted but remains resilient …

Saudi jets to arrive in Turkey to strike IS: Ankara
Yahoo News | AFP | 2.25.2016
Saudi jets are due to arrive at a Turkish base this week take part in the air campaign against Islamic State jihadists in Syria, Turkey’s …

European Parliament calls for Saudi arms embargo
The Daily Star | Reuters | 2.25.2016
The European Parliament called on the European Union to impose an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia Thursday, saying Britain, France and other EU governments should …

Haramain train test run in Jeddah mid-year
Saudi Gazette | Abdulaziz Ghazzawi | 2.25.2016
The 447-meter track passes through a number of cities and towns. The train runs between Makkah and Madinah, passing through Jeddah and Rabigh crossing wide …

DC-area based ManTech’s $175M Royal Saudi Air Force contract is a first step in spurring company’s international growth
Washington Business Journal | James Bach | 2.25.2016
A recent $175 million contract win with Saudi Arabia is some of the best news to come out of ManTech International Corp. (NYSE: MANT) in …

Commentary: Will Pakistan Draw Closer to Saudi Arabia to balance Iran?
War on the Rocks | Sameer Lalwani | 2.25.2016
There are a number of reasons — strategic concerns, economic interests, and domestic audience opinions — why Pakistan is likely to resist Saudi pressure for …

Genetic disease named after Saudi doctor
Arab News | 2.25.2016
Wafa bint Mohammad Al-Eyaid, a consultant in endocrine diseases and genetics at the King Abdulaziz Medical City, Ministry of the National Guard in Riyadh, followed …

Saudi Arabia gives Sudan $5 billion in military aid
Sudan Tribune | 2.25.2016
The military aid to Sudan was announced to President Omer al-Bashir by the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, during a two-hour visit to the Sudanese …





Regional and related topics

The Trickle of U.S. Oil Exports Is Already Shifting Global Power
Bloomberg Business | Joe Carroll and Harry Weber | 2.25.2016
“If you’re a buyer in, say, South Korea, and you’re offered the same price from Saudi Arabia, Russia and the U.S., you’re going to make …

Perspective: A Plague of Black Swans in the Middle East
LobeLog | Gary Sick | 2.25.2016
The future of the Persian Gulf and the wider Middle East is impossible to discern. But in any serious discussion of strategy, it is imperative …

How Iraqi Forces Drove ISIS From Ramadi
Newsweek | Jane Arraf | 2.25.2016
Mullen describes their victory in Ramadi with almost no involvement of the Shiite militias or the PMF as a game-changer. “When they first started doing …

Why ISIS’s secret banking network prospers despite air strikes
The Australian/WSJ | Margaret Coker | 2.25.2016
The money-exchange financiers know the liquidity of their trading partners and won’t enter into transactions that can’t be honoured. And cheating is rare, as are …

Putin goes on diplomatic blitz seeking to bolster Syrian cease-fire deal
Washington Post | Michael Birnbaum and Hugh Naylor | 2.25.2016
Russian President Vladimir Putin worked Wednesday to place himself in the center of efforts to secure a Syrian cease-fire, speaking by phone to the leaders …

Hardliners Flinch as Star Commander Backs Larijani
IranWire | Reza HaghighatNejad | 2.25.2016
With elections to take place only two days away, Soleimani’s support for Larijani has come at a key time. …
Reuters – One sure way to bring down Iran’s pragmatists? An ‘attaboy’ from the U.S.

Kuwait, Qatar urge citizens to avoid Lebanon
Yahoo/AP | 2.25.2016
Kuwait and Qatar on Wednesday became the latest Arab countries to follow in Saudi Arabia’s footsteps by urging their citizens already in Lebanon to leave …

French advisers helping Libyan forces fight Islamic State in Benghazi – Libyan commander
Reuters | Ayman Al-Warfalli | 2.25.2016
French military advisers have been helping coordinate Libyan forces fighting Islamic State insurgents in the eastern city of Benghazi, where pro-government brigades have been making …

How Guantanamo Is Used in Jihadist Propaganda
Defense One | Kathy Gilsinan | 2.25.2016
Guantanamo fits into a broader motif of Muslims unjustly imprisoned and under assault by the West, whether that’s in Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq or, hypothetically, in …

Al Sissi admits Russia plane crash was terror attack
Gulf News | 2.25.2016
Egyptian President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi acknowledged for the first time on Wednesday that “terrorism” caused a Russian plane crash in the Sinai Peninsula in …

Perspective: Israel’s disappearance from Arab media scene
Arab News | Abdulateef Al-Mulhim | 2.25.2016
Instead of reading about Israel, Arabs want to discuss ways to promote better education, improved health-care facilities, social equality and better infrastructure. …

Boeing Shakes Up Defense Leadership Week After Losing Bomber Deal
Defense One | Marcus Weisgerber | 2.25.2016
In 2013, Boeing’s defense business made $33.2 billion. Boeing’s commercial airplane business made $66 billion in 2015, up $6 billion from the previous year. …





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