Published: February 24, 2016

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Saudi Arabia: “We have not declared war on shale”
CBS News/AP | 2.24.2016
While Naimi rejected production cuts as politically unworkable, he endorsed a freeze on production at current levels if major oil-producing countries go along. …

Saudi Arabia to U.S. Oilmen: Cut Costs or Exit the Business
Bloomberg Business | Javier Blas and Joe Carroll | 2.24.2016
For the oil industry itself, the warning is a sign of more months — and perhaps years — of financial pain. …

What a Saudi Oil-Supply Freeze Would Really Mean for Markets
Bloomberg Business | Grant Smith | 2.24.2016
“Come summer, the production freeze will amount to a cut in Saudi crude exports,” said Olivier Jakob, managing director of consultant Petromatrix GmbH in Zug, …

Nigeria and Saudi Arabia Pledge to Cooperate on Oil, Terrorism
Newsweek | Conor Gaffey | 2.24.2016
Buhari met with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz on Tuesday during a visit to the Gulf, in which he will also visit Qatar, a fellow …

Saudi Arabia Inflation Accelerates Most in More Than 3 Years
Bloomberg Business | Glen Carey | 2.23.2016
Inflation in Saudi Arabia accelerated the most in more than three years in January after government subsidy cuts drove up transportation and commodity prices. …

Saudi Aramco Close to Awarding $500 Million Shale Gas Contract
Morningstar | Kevin Baxter | 2.24.2016
The project is Saudi Arabia’s first unconventional gas project and Saudi Aramco has sunk billions of dollars into developing potential shale gas reserves. According to …

Saudi security forces kill terrorist suspect in village raid: agency
Reuters | Noah Browning and Ali Abdelatti | 2.24.2016
Saudi security forces on Tuesday killed a suspect wanted on terrorism charges during a raid on a village in the country’s oil-producing Eastern Province, the …

Saudi Arabia, Gulf allies raise Lebanon travel warning amid Iran row
Reuters | Noah Browning and Ali Abdelatti | 2.24.2016
Saudi Arabia and Bahrain warned their citizens on Tuesday against travel to Lebanon, citing safety concerns, and the United Arab Emirates said it was banning …

Saudi weighed down by petrochemical sector, Egypt sags
Reuters | Celine Aswad | 2.24.2016
The petrochemical sector was the main drag on Riyadh’s stock index in early trade on Wednesday after oil extended its decline, while Egypt’s benchmark retreated …

Saudi Arabia on track to produce helicopters
Al Arabiya English | Saudi Gazette | 2.24.2016
Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin Company, signed on Tuesday an agreement with Taqnia Aeronautics to jointly explore helicopter production opportunities in Saudi Arabia, according to a …

Saudi Arabia Arrests Religious Policemen Who Attacked a Woman at a Mall
VICE News | Avi Asher-Schapiro and Reem Saad | 2.24.2016
Saudi Arabia arrested several agents of its Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice on Tuesday after a video showing the …

10 Wondrous Birds Of Saudi Arabia
Destination KSA | Mohammed Mirza | 2.23.2016
Most of the birds in this list are endemic to Saudi Arabia and stay in the country year round. Here are some birds one can …

Eritrea Denies It Sent Troops for Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen
Bloomberg | Samuel Gebre | 2.24.2016
Eritrea denied it sent soldiers to fight with a Saudi Arabia-led coalition in Yemen, accusing the United Nations of reporting flawed and “unsubstantiated” allegations against …





Regional and related topics

Obama announces plan for closing Guantanamo Bay prison
Politico | Austin Wright and Nick Glass | 2.24.2016
President Barack Obama announced his official proposal to close the prison at Guantánamo Bay on Tuesday morning, leading off with a vigorous condemnation of the …

The next big shift in the global oil market is underway, and it centers on India
Quartz | Melvin Blackman | 2.23.2016
India is set to surpass Japan as the world’s third-largest consumer of crude oil, behind the US and China. …

Everything you need to know about this week’s elections in Iran
Al-Monitor | Arash Karami | 2.24.2016
In Iran, major political power brokers align among fluid and sometimes blurred factions and groupings. Major political events often dictate the platform of these factions …

John Kerry says partition of Syria could be part of ‘plan B’ if peace talks fail
The Guardian | Patrick Wintour | 2.24.2016
John Kerry, the US secretary of state, has said he will move towards a plan B that could involve a partition of Syria if a …

US says Islamic State foreign fighter ranks drop to 25,000
Yahoo/AP | 2.24.2016
A top Obama administration official says the Islamic State group’s ranks of foreign fighters have dropped to about 25,000 from a peak of 35,000. …

What the Presidential Candidates Get Wrong About the Middle East
Foreign Policy | Kim Ghattas | 2.23.2016
John Kasich will likely never be the Republican nominee for president. There are many reasons for that, including the fact that he can’t get himself …

IS Briefly Takes Center of Libyan City, Beheads 12
ABC News/AP | Maggie Michael | 2.24.2016
Sabratha has become the latest Libyan power center for the local IS affiliate. Last week, U.S. airstrikes killed dozens of suspected militants in the city …

25 years later, Gulf War stills shapes tiny, oil-rich Kuwait
Associated Press | Hussain Al-Qatari and Jon Gambrell | 2.24.2016
Twenty-five years later, the Iraqi occupation and its aftermath still shapes life in this tiny emirate at the tip of the Persian Gulf, now challenged …

Al-Udeid: The good, the bad, and the very ugly
Air Force Times | Oriana Pawlyk | 2.24.2016
“This is a permanent base now, and some people still only view it as temporary.” …

Nuqat: Creative Education and Innovation in Kuwait
Arab Gulf States Institute in Washtingon | Samyah Alfoory | 2.24.2016
Nuqat is a Kuwaiti, non-profit design initiative started in 2009 by Wakim Zeidan, Sara Al Nafisi, Hussa Al Humaidhi, and Dana Al Hilal. …



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