Published: February 19, 2016

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Daily news on Saudi Arabian and regional developments provided by our partner, the Saudi-US Trade Group ( To keep up with “everything Saudi” be sure to subscribe to the SUSTG News Review through the Web site [Link]. Also check for additional related news reporting.

News, analysis, and more

The Next Generation of Leaders in the Gulf
RAND | Becca Wasser and Jeffrey Martini | 2.19.2016
The next generation of Gulf leaders will likely embrace an alternative model: good governance. …

JLL sees immense potential for Saudi real estate development
Arab News | 2.19.2016
There is immense potential for the development of Saudi Arabia’s real estate market despite short term challenges, say industry experts. …

$20bn Sadara industrial complex work 98pc complete
Trade Arabia | 2.19.2016
The overall construction of the 6-sq-km Sadara Chemical Company’s mega industrial complex stands at 98 per cent complete and it is expected to achieve full …

Is Saudi Arabia winning the war against shale? Kemp
Reuters | John Kemp | 2.19.2016
The market is not expected to rebalance until the second half of 2017, after 14 quarters of inventory builds, according to the EIA …

Saudi Arabia Cancels $3B Aid to Lebanon; French Weapons Deal Held
Defense News | Awad Mustafa | 2.19.2016
“This shows that there is a consideration from the kingdom that the Lebanese government has very little control over the country’s affairs with Hezbollah and …

Saudi, Iraq sell more oil to India, elbow out Latin America’s crude
Economic Times/Reuters | 2.19.2016
Competitive prices and shorter shipping distances are giving the Middle East members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) the upper hand in …

Analysis: The Kingdom and the Caliphate: Duel of the Islamic States
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | Cole Bunzel | 2.19.2016
As they see it, Saudi Arabia started out, way back in the mid-eighteenth century, as something much like the Islamic State but gradually lost its …

Oil gives up big price gains after Saudi comments, rise in inventories
MarketWatch | William Watts | 2.19.2016
Oil futures posted a mixed finish Thursday, giving up big gains after an official from Saudi Arabia was quoted as saying the world’s swing producer …

Job prospects posted online in Saudi Arabia up 10pc
Gulf Daily News Online | 2.19.2016
The number of job opportunities posted online for qualified job candidates in Saudi Arabia rose 10 per cent in the past year, according to the …

Why networking matters for Saudi students in the US and beyond
Saudi Gazette | Nicolla Hewitt | 2.19.2016
So it should perhaps come as no surprise to learn that a PhD student from Saudi Arabia currently studying in the United States — Abdullah …

124 hotels, 47,000 rooms coming up in Saudi Arabia
Emirates 247 | 2.19.2016
Nearly 47,431 rooms and 124 hotel projects are currently under development in Saudi Arabia, according to a new report. …

Are latest war games just a face-saver for Riyadh?
Al Monitor | Bruce Riedel | 2.19.2016
Saudi Arabia is hosting large-scale military training maneuvers on its northeast border to signal strength to Iran and provide substance to its proposed Islamic military …

Saudi ground forces would target IS in Syria
Yahoo/AFP | 2.19.2016
Saudi forces participating in any US-led ground operation in Syria would focus on fighting the Islamic State jihadist group not the Damascus regime, the kingdom’s …





Regional and related topics

How Oman is helping Obama shut down Guantanamo Bay
Al-Monitor | Giorgio Cafiero | 2.19.2016
Oman has become the primary destination for transferred prisoners, having accepted roughly half of the Guantanamo inmates released since January 2015. …

How Much of Libya Does the Islamic State Control?
Foreign Policy | Issandr El-Amrani | 2.19.2016
The group dominates a 120-mile stretch of territory extending east along the coast from the town of Sirte, seized almost entirely during 2015. …

Four in Five Americans View Syria Unfavorably
Gallup | Justin McCarthy | 2.19.2016
Syria now has the second-worst image of 21 countries rated in a new Gallup poll, with only North Korea rated worse. …

U.S. quietly tells Russia where American troops are located inside Syria
Military Times | Andrew Tilghman | 2.19.2016
The Pentagon told the Russian military where U.S. Special Forces are located in Syria with the hopes that Russian aircraft will steer clear of that …

Analysis: Turkey Squeezed by Russian-backed Offensives in Syria
Middle East Institute | Robert S. Ford | 2.19.2016
The biggest winner out of all of this is the Assad government, which, despite its overconfidence and string of recent victories, lacks enough strength to …

U.S. Airstrikes in Afghanistan Are Killing Civilians at Greatest Rate in Seven Years
Newsweek | Jack Serle, Abigail Fielding-Smith and Payenda Sargand | 2.19.2016
In what could point to decreased accuracy in targeting or a possible shift in the rules of engagement, the rate at which civilians are being …





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