Seeking Stability in Yemen: An Update from Saudi Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir

Published: April 15, 2015

Editor’s Note:

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Adel Al-Jubeir has been the leading spokesperson in describing the “Decisive Storm” campaign in Yemen from the perspective of Riyadh and was the voice of Saudi Arabia in announcing the opening strikes. [Check links below for his statements and interviews.] Mr. Al-Jubeir briefed the press on April 15th at the Saudi Embassy in Washington, DC and the Saudi Press Agency released a summary of his remarks.

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Saudi Ambassador to the United States: Determination Storm successful, kingdom has no ambitions in Yemen

Washington, Jumada II 26, 1436, Apr 15, 2015, SPA — Saudi Ambassador to the United States Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir said that Operation ‘Determination Storm’ is successful and has achieved the objectives set for it, stressing that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has no ambitions in Yemen.


In a press conference held Wednesday at the embassy in Washington, Ambassador Al-Jubeir confirmed that the Security Council’s resolution adopted on Tuesday on Yemen is a victory for Yemen and a confirmation to the Houthi militia and the ousted president that the world is against them and that the world supports the actions taken by the international community for supporting the legitimate government in Yemen.

Al-Jubeir stressed that Iran has no right to play any role in Yemen calling on the Iraqi prime minister to focus on Iraq’s internal problems.

The Ambassador said, ‘Operation Determination Storm to support legitimacy in Yemen is very successful and exceeded its set goals,’ noting that the air campaign destroyed the military infrastructure of the Houthis and the ousted president, including the heavy and medium weapons, aircraft and missiles through which they have sought to control Yemen, and pointing to the successes which have been achieved by the popular committees in Aden on the ground due to the support they are receiving from the coalition of Determination Storm.


Amb Al Jubeir addressed questions about the Yemen intervention April 3rd at a Capitol Hill symposium [Link]

The Ambassador spoke about the emergence of defection movements in the ranks of the ousted president’s supporters and their return to supporting the legitimacy in Yemen, expressing hope that these defections will be the beginning of the fall of the Houthis militia’s cooperation with him.

Regarding the humanitarian situation in Yemen, the Saudi ambassador to the United States said that the coalition focuses on the humanitarian aspects to protect the Yemeni people from the Houthi militias, adding that ‘coordination with many specialized humanitarian aid organizations is continuing’ and expecting the arrival of more aid shipments to Yemen.


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He stressed that the coalition is also looking at the political process in order to push Yemen to move forward based on the Gulf initiative and the output of the national dialogue and the points that have already been stressed by President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, welcoming the appointment of a deputy to the Yemeni president.

He indicated that the stability of Yemen is a positive matter for the Kingdom.

He explained that the Determination Storm only came after three years of political and diplomatic efforts in which the Houthis negated more than 60 agreements, and came in response to a request by the legitimate government, refusing to describe what is happening in Yemen as a proxy war between the kingdom and Iran, and said, ‘Iran does not have any border with Yemen and has no reason to support the Houthis.’


He said that the UN Security Council resolution on Yemen clearly indicated the prevention of weapons’ reaching the Houthis and followers of Ali Abdullah Saleh and that the countries violating this decision will be subject to sanctions,’ noting that Iran has provided the Houthis in the past years with various types of weapons.

Concerning the Iranian initiative towards Yemen, he stressed that the solution to the Yemeni crisis will be through the Gulf initiative, the outputs of the Yemeni national dialogue and the points that were emphasized by the President of Yemen to move Yemen to a better stage in the future.



Ambassador Al-Jubeir explained that more than three years ago, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia warned against military support by Iran and the so-called Hezbollah for the Houthi rebels, stressing that neither the Houthis nor the followers of Ali Abdullah Saleh will be allowed to control Yemen by military force under any circumstances.

On dialogue with Iran on regional issues, Al-Jubeir said, ‘The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has sought for 35 years to extend the hand of friendship to the Iranian side, but Tehran has continued its abusive and harmful actions to the Kingdom.’

He stressed that over these long years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not made any action harmful to Iran, pointing to the hostile actions taken by Iran in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

On relations with Pakistan, Ambassador Al-Jubeir said that the two countries have historical, solid and strategic relations and the relations’ strength will continue.

Ambassador Al-Jubeir indicated that when the Yemeni parties engage in political process peacefully, they will have positive effectiveness and impact and not by resorting to military force.

He said Determination Storm will continue until it achieves all its objectives which are protecting the legitimate government and the Yemeni people and finding a political solution based on the Gulf initiative and the outputs of the national dialogue, noting that the air operation is going on and all options are on the table for studying, and consultation is ongoing on concerning the issue of ground troops.

The ambassador ended the press conference saying that the kingdom is the best friend for Yemen and keen on its stability and prosperity, noting that the prosperity of Yemen is prosperity for the kingdom.



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