Operation “Decisive Storm” – Day 17 Military Briefing

Published: April 11, 2015

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At the conclusion of day 17 (April 11th) of the military campaign in Yemen (Operation “Decisive Storm”) Coalition Forces’ spokesman Saudi Brig. Gen Ahmed Asiri provided a briefing on developments. Here is a report from SPA. [Note: Operation “Decisive Storm” is also called “Determination Storm” in some translations.]


Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in today’s briefing, that coalition forces implemented about 1,200 air strikes

Riyadh, Jumada II 22, 1436, Apr 11, 2015, SPA — Brig. Gen. Ahmed bin Hasan Asiri, consultant at the minister of defense’s office and spokesman of the Coalition Forces, said that the air operations are continued due to the plans, stressing that the goals are achieved on the ground.

In his daily press briefing held today at Riyadh Airbase, Brig. Asiri said that the initial statistics are disclosed that the coalition forces have implemented about 1,200 air strikes.

Asiri added that the aim of the air campaign is to destroy enemy’s air defense and the sites of the ballistic missiles, stressing the coalition forces are working to disrupt the Houthi movements on the ground in order to prevent them of logistics and supply processes.

‘We accurately implemented the air operations following movements of targets on the ground. The aircraft should be continuously existed in the Yemeni airspace. Therefore, the number of air strikes are increased,’ Asiri said.

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Brig. Asiri added that the operations were focused on the brigades and camps in Aden, Shabwa and Dalea, pointing out that the maximum daily number regarding air strikes during the last period reached 120 strikes.

Asiri added that all coalition forces are continuing their operations whether inside or outside, stressing that the coalition mounted increasing pressure on the militias and rebel brigades against the legitimacy, ‘the forces attacked ‘Giants’ brigade in Sadaa more than once,’ Asiri added.

The coalition spokesman said that the Houthi militias have no choice now only to move through rough roads to the south or to reorganize and try to camouflage in warehouses or sites occupied by the Yemeni army in Saada, Amran and Sana’a.

Brig. Asiri added that the coalition forces, during the past 24 hours, attacked ‘Giants’, 112th, 125th and 21st brigades in Saada and Aden, stressing that the operations are continuing until the militias stop their operations, ‘we targeted yesterday ‘Maris’ camp in Dalea and some locations at Sanaa Airport,’ he added.
‘In Aden, the operations are carried out at less pace, particularly in Khwar Maksab, Malla and Watirah, pointing out that the Houthi militias implemented sabotage operations harming citizens. The militias worked to control gas stations in order to supply their military operations,’ Asiri added.

Brig. Asiri said that the Houthi militias tried to activate some air defense sites but the coalition aircraft destroyed these sites, preventing them from taking advantage of these sites, ‘the coalition forces attacked directly stores, command’s headquarter and a tank, stressing that the coalition forces are daily working on preventing the militias to move toward the southern regions of the Republic of Yemen.

Brig. Gen. Asiri pointed out that the Houthi militias and their loyalists move, from time to time, along the Southern border of the Kingdom and sporadic skirmishes at a border centre, in Najran sector, are still raging since yesterday.

He drew the attention to limited and despair engagements by the Houthis under the pressure, which expose their positions, at Saada, in the Northern Yemen, he said, confirming that that was the reason that pushed them northward towards the Saudi border, in isolated and despair operations, nonetheless, their movements are taken into account and being dealt with in accordance with measurements and rules demanded is such sort of operations.

Asiri explained that the battleships of the coalition are still doing their jobs as usual, in the ports and the territorial sea of Yemen. No operations have taken place during the last days and works continue to prevent the Houthis from receiving any supply, whatsoever.

On the front of relief, Brig. Gen. Asiri said that a Red Cross aircraft has arrived in Sana’a today, carrying medical crews and supplies, in addition to relief, asserting the significance of deliverance of these supplies to the Yemenis as well as preventing the Houthis from taking advantage of it. Pertinent authorities among Red Cross and other relief agencies are in contact with Houthis, on the ground, to facilitate the deliverance.

Answering reporters’  questions, Brig. Gen. Asiri stated that the most important point is restoring the legitimate government, protecting the Yemeni people from the mischief of these militias, preventing them from carrying out their political agenda and protecting other neighboring countries by crushing their capabilities and potentials, drawing the attention that the achieving these goals, would mean coming of the operations to an end.

On the initial assessment of the Operation Determination Storm, after 16 days of airstrikes, Brig. Gen. Asiri emphasized that the goals of the airstrikes on the land have been achieved, as we have never seen launching of any ballistic missiles, whatsoever and there are no aircraft sorties, adding that consequences come at the end of each phase. He explained that the Houthis are a militia outfit not an armed formation and it behaves likewise any militia, highlighting the difficulties and sophistication of the air force tasks as it needs to identify vehicles and convoys, to avoid harming the commons or the infrastructures.

By targeting the headquarters, the command of the coalition does not target non-sense commanders, rather it targets those who are planning to kill the Yemenis, among the Houthis, drawing the attention that the time is appropriate, by now, for the Sheikhs of tribes and clans to prove their loyalty to the legitimacy and close ranks behind their legal government.



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