Operation “Decisive Storm” – Day 14 Military Briefing

Published: April 9, 2015

Editor’s Note:

At the conclusion of day 14 (April 8th) of the military campaign in Yemen (Operation “Decisive Storm”) Saudi Brig. Gen Ahmed Asiri provided a briefing on developments. Here is a report from SPA. [Note: Operation “Decisive Storm” is also called “Determination Storm” in some translations.]


Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri Announces, in today’s briefing, Arrival of Relief Aid to Aden Port

Riyadh, Jumada II 18, 1436, Apr 7, 2015, SPA — Brig. Gen. Ahmed bin Hasan Asiri, consultant at the minister of defense’s office and spokesman of the Coalition Forces, said that the relief operations are implemented in coordination with the People’s Committees in Yemen for delivery of the aid to the Yemeni people, pointing out that the Red Cross relief ship arrived today at Aden port.

As explained during the daily press briefing held today base Riyadh flights, Brig. Asiri said: ‘in light of turbulent conditions in a number of districts around the port of Aden due to acts of sabotage carried out by Houthi militias and their supporters in addition to the difficulty of delivering the aid, we have coordinated with the People’s Committees in Aden in order to facilitate the delivery of aid to the beneficiaries.’

‘The ship is still in the port. We are keen to ensure the coordination and safety of the crews. We are worked that this ship doesn’t fall into the hands of the Houthi militias,’ he added.

Brig. Asiri stressed that the relief aid will be delivered in coordination with the People’s Committees and the Yemeni government to the hospitals in Aden.

Brig. Asiri pointed out a continuation of evacuating foreigners in Yemen, highlighting that Indian people are evacuated by the aircraft, ‘we still coordinate with all countries’ willing of the evacuation process,’ he added.

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Asir stressed that the coalition forces sent today a message to the leaders of the military units who took the initiative to communicate with the Yemeni legitimate government, its leaders and armed members of pro-legitimacy whom declared their loyalty to some units and formations in Marib, ‘we are keen not announcing their names for their own safety. There are honest leaders supporting Yemen’s interest, stability and security in addition to protection of its property and legitimacy,’ he added.

Brig. Asiri said that the coalition command support them and invite them to communicate with the relevant authorities, recalling upon the leaders of the units and formations in the Yemeni rebel army on the legitimacy to support the legitimacy in order to increase their numbers in the coming hours, ‘the coalition forces are worked to deter whatever harms the Yemeni brotherly people,’ he added.

Brig. Asiri said: ‘we received confirmed news stressing that large numbers of the Houthi militias and the Yemeni army who are against the legitimacy are surrendered. The coalition asked the People’s Committees in Aden to maintain the security and safety of these element and to deal with them in accordance with a law.’

Brig. Asiri stressed that the coalition forces are still targeting specific objects of the remnants of missile sites and air defense positions as well as barbarous acts carried out by the Houthi militias and their loyalists in Aden which harm the Yemeni society, especially in Aden through shooting the people in the streets and homes, pointing out that the People’s Committees in Aden besieged the Houthi militias in Mallika region with existence of a quiet in the other areas in comparison with the previous days.

Brig. Asiri added that the coalition forces are keen of no access of any support for the militias in Aden, drawing attention that the military actions inside the districts are risky while the coalition forces are working on the security and safety of the residents, ‘the military operations are continuously supporting the People’s Committees,’ he added.

Brig. Asiri pointed out that that air forces of the coalition targeted today site of the brigades, camps and movements that are still supplying the Houthi militias with the military support, including the 33rd Brigade in Dalea, ‘the coalition also targeted yesterday and today the so-called brigade ‘Glory’ in Dalea,’ he added.

Brig. Asiri added that the coalition forces attacked today units and elements moving from Yemeni territory towards ‘Moon Island’ after receiving information from the Saudi naval units located on Bab-el-Mandeb in order to prevent them from regrouping or to provide any support for the Houthi militias in the Yemeni territory.
The coalition spokesman confirmed that a number of ammunition stores are destroyed, stressing that the operations are continued in accordance with the scheduled plans, ‘the goals have become specific and focused on the military gatherings, mechanisms and militia stationed in Aden,’ Asiri added.

Requested to comment on reports of the presence of an Iranian battleship in the international waters opposite to Bab Al-Mandab, Asiri stated that vessels traffic in international waters is free, noting that all the Yemeni ports and regional waters are under the control of the coalition forces. He confirmed that there is no any hostile measure against the vessels sailing in regional waters with the coalition forces having the right to respond to any attempt to tamper the Yemeni people or provide the Houthi militias with supplies.

Asked to confirm reports that Al-Qaeda elements in Hadramout are controlling some military centers, Asiri said Al-Qaeda was actively functioning there even before the start of the storm, noting that the Yemeni government, with a bit poor capabilities, has done its best to confront this organization and managed to throw many of them into prisons. He said the coalition forces is aware of the danger of this development.
He denied reports that Iran has requested to evacuate its dependants from Yemen, adding that most of the Iranians residing in Yemen are actually working with the Houthis, in training and equipping and they will receive the same fate.

Asked whether there is split in the Houthi rebels, Asiri said this is natural but the coalition forces is dealing with them as one group, regardless of their differences.



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