Focus KSA | Amb James Smith on Education in KSA (Audio)

Published: July 11, 2014

“Evolving Education in Saudi Arabia: Making the Grade?”
Focus KSA: A Conversation with Ambassador James B. Smith
July 10, 2014

The July edition of Focus KSA — a joint Webinar program produced by and — featured Ambassador James Smith on the topic “Evolving Education in Saudi Arabia: Making the Grade?” Amb. Smith, who served as America’s top diplomat in Riyadh from 2009-2013, provided his insights and perspectives on the policies, processes and personalities involved in the modernization of Saudi education — K-12 and higher education, including the landmark King Abdullah Scholarship Program. Amb. Smith joined the Focus KSA conversation from New Hampshire. The session was hosted by SUSRIS Director Patrick Ryan from Nashville, Tennessee.


This audio (run time 50m15s) can also be found on iTunes.

This Focus KSA Webinar is also available as a video and through the transcript. Check for archives and more.