Conversations: Richard Wilson and the Saudi-US Trade Group

Published: March 14, 2014

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Editor’s Note:

Today SUSRIS and its online companion site SUSTG inaugurated a new feature that’s designed to connect you directly to diplomats, business people, scholars, journalists, military leaders and other specialists focused on developments in the Saudi-US relationship. We are introducing a program of Webinars that will allow people you want to hear from and talk to, no matter where they are, to be available to you, no matter where you are.

SUSRIS and SUSTG will each host regular Webinars that will be announced well in advance to permit you to save the date. In addition to a calendar of Webinars we may from time to time arrange short notice Webinars to bring you insights and perspectives on breaking news and other developments on an ad hoc basis.

The Webinar format will allow us to remotely connect specialists with our audience but also provides great features to make the experience interactive. Presenters can share desktop graphics including Powerpoints, photographs and other graphical materials during their presentations. Audience members can ask their questions via webcam/microphones and/or query via chat. We will have the ability to present survey questions to quickly obtain polls on how you view the issues of the day.

Video People Ryan Wilson Conversations WebinarOur kickoff presentation was a one on one conversation between Richard Wilson, President of the Saudi-US Trade Group (SUSTG) in Washington and Patrick Ryan, Editor-in-Chief of SUSRIS in Nashville. This inaugural video did not include a live audience, as will all future “Conversations” Webinars, but it was recorded and archived so as to be available for your consideration. All future Webinars will be archived on SUSRIS/SUSTG so even if you can’t make it as a part of the audience you can still view the conversations.

We plan for the first “SUSRIS Conversation” Webinar to offer a preview of President Obama’s upcoming visit to Saudi Arabia. The date, time and speaker will be announced in the coming days.

Meanwhile, we invite you to view this “SUSRIS Conversation” with SUSTG President Richard Wilson. We talked for about 45 minutes about the role of the Saudi-US Trade Group, the US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forums, the SUSTG News Review and information services, what’s happening in US-Saudi business ties, and a view of the overall relationship.



SUSRIS Conversations: Richard Wilson and the Saudi-US Trade Group
March 14, 2014
Richard Wilson, President SUSTG, in Northern Virginia
Patrick Ryan, Editor-in-Chief, in Tennessee


SUSRIS Editor-in-Chief Pat Ryan talked with Richard Wilson about the role of the Saudi-US Trade Group, the US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forums it helps organize, its News Review and resources, the atmosphere for Saudi-US business and prospects for President Obama’s visit to Riyadh in March 2014.

02:45 Introduce Richard Wilson
03:20 What is the Saudi-US Trade Group?
05:40 Overview of US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum Los Angeles
08:48 Discussion of SUSTG News Review service
16:38 When will the next US-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum be held?
19:15 What is the depth and scope of discussions at business forums?
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23:31 Let’s talk about Americans doing business in Saudi Arabia? What is the current environment?
29:07 Commerce Secretary Pritzker’s Visit/Trade Mission to Riyadh this week.
31:48 Change in the Kingdom
32:45 Overview of Saudi-US Relations, President Obama Visit,
35:03 Saudi Ambassador to the US views on ties
36:22 Efforts to forge common response to crises: Syria, Iran, etc. Resynching intelligence and security cooperation.
38:23 Reshuffling portfolios and “deck chairs”
40:13 What impact does the King Abdullah Scholarship Program have on US-Saudi ties and on the Kingdom? Defining the future generational relationships.
45:39 What’s on SUSTG’s horizon? Great plans for 2014: programs, web site updates, US-Saudi policy forum in Washington.
47:42 End


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