Published: January 30, 2014

SUSRIS Daily News – Excerpts from International Media Reports
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Saudi comedians stand up

Asharq Alawsat | 1.30.14

Saudi comedians stand upAccording to Dr. Rayyes, stand-up comedy in Saudi Arabia has bloomed among the under-30 crowd over the past five years as a result of the poor dramas and comedies on television. With the emergence of video-sharing websites and social media, … Continue Reading

Europeans are flocking to the war in Syria. What happens when they come home?

Washington Post | Griff Witte | 1.30.14

British officials have expressed growing alarm in recent days over the possibility that returnees from the Syrian war, hardened and trained by their experiences in battle, will seek to carry out terrorist attacks. The head of Scotland Yard’s … Continue Reading

Slowly does it with Iran

Petroleum Economist | Derek Brower | 1.30.14

The wooing of foreign oil companies has been underway since Rouhani’s election in the summer. Bijan Zanganeh, his appointment as oil minister, has already named seven majors it wants to see back in Iran. Even US companies would be welcome in the … Continue Reading


Provided as a service from the Saudi-US Trade Group, Washington, DC