National Day 2013

Published: September 23, 2013

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Editor’s Note:

Today marks National Day in Saudi Arabia. It celebrates the unification of the Kingdom under King Abdul Aziz in 1932. The anniversary was not openly celebrated until recent years but has since become a very important day for Saudi Arabians. Several years ago Khaled Almaeena, currently Editor-in-Chief at Saudi Gazette, shared his perspective on the meaning of the day:

“..In my estimation it should be viewed as an opportunity for introspection as we not only look back at the different stages of nation-building, consolidation and achievement but also look forward to the future and all the concomitant challenges that lie ahead of us. The ability to face these in the coming years will be far tougher and more diverse than we can imagine. However, we have to rise to the occasion and meet them headlong..” He continued, “..As we reflect once again on the National Day we should also be thankful: First to Allah for having blessed us with the Two Holy Mosques of Makkah and Madinah. Then for the decades of security and stability that we have enjoyed. While other nations around the world floundered we kept going on. But as we appreciate the past we also should be concerned about the growing menace of terrorism — an alien philosophy that has crept into the minds of many of our youngsters. We have to work together to address this issue and eradicate its dangers..”

Let Every Voice Within Our Midst Be Heard
Khaled Almaeena

Today SUSRIS marks this anniversary with excerpts from articles and commentary and photos celebrating the significance of the day and we send best wishes for National Day celebrations to our friends and colleagues in the Kingdom.


Kingdom erupts in N-Day jubilation – Arab News

Saudis across the Kingdom celebrated the 83rd National Day on Monday with pomp and pageantry as they remembered the remarkable endeavors made by King Abdul Aziz and his soldiers to unify the Kingdom. Fireworks, processions and folk dances added color to the annual event that also drew a large number of expatriates and their families. Municipalities and other government departments organized special programs to mark the occasion. A number of cultural competitions were planned at Marwa Center for people of special needs in Riyadh. “We have arranged fireworks in five different locations,” said Riyadh Mayor Abdullah Al-Muqbil. Famous singers and stage performers took part in the events. Folklore events were organized in five camps in Riyadh, including two camps for women and families. As many as 194 programs were organized in different parts of the Makkah region including Jeddah, Makkah, Taif, Qunfuda, Al-Laith, Alkhorma and Rabigh. Apart from fireworks there were air shows, drawing competition for children, stage shows, display of documentaries, songs and acrobatic shows. ..more

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Saudis rejoice with a splash of green –  Saudi Gazette

Saudi Arabia celebrated on Monday 83rd National Day with patriotic fervor and gaiety. Saudis, belonging to different age groups and from all walks of life, turned out in huge numbers on streets across the country to commemorate the unification of the Kingdom under the leadership of its visionary founder the late King Abdul Aziz. Major roads, streets, squares as well as beaches were decorated with the Kingdom’s green national flag and banners carrying pictures of its leaders. There was an air of festivity everywhere as millions of expatriates joined their Saudi brothers in celebrating the great occasion. ..more

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Spirit of National Day fills the air – Arab News

The spirit of nationalism was there for everyone to see as streets of Saudi cities went chockablock with vehicles carrying enthusiastic citizens waving the national flag in celebration of the National Day. Across the country, Saudis used every which way to celebrate the day, with some doing it on city streets while others created Web pages online to express their love and loyalty to their king and country. But it all went on till the wee hours of the day. ..more

Saudis celebrate National Day with great fanfare –

Saudis on Monday celebrated their 83rd National Day with great fanfare among strong feel-good sentiments, particularly among women. Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz used his official Twitter account to congratulate his fellow countrymen on the occasion. “I hope that the joy on the National Day will reflect our consciousness, culture, attitudes and morals,” Prince Salman said. His greetings prompted a deluge of messages from common people expressing their allegiance to the country and its leaders. Shopping malls and major streets, mainly near the carefully manicured esplanades, were filled with ostensible signs of patriotism and people, mainly the young, were prompt to take part in the celebrations. ..more

Saudi National Day: Kingdom a ‘champion’ of Muslim unity, says OIC chief – Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia’s support to the Islamic world has been put under the spotlight by the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as the kingdom marks its 83rd National Day. Professor Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu said the occasion would celebrate “a time when the Kingdom is enjoying dignity and prosperity under the wise leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.” The National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is celebrated on September 23 to commemorate the unification of the kingdom after a battle spearheaded by its founder and first king, King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman al-Saud. The OIC chief hailed Saudi Arabia’s progress and development in various domains, highlighting the kingdom’s endeavors to unify Muslims and the king’s development policies. ..more

Saudis celebrate National Day online – Arab News

Saudi youth engaged in different social media platforms to greet each other and share their memories in celebration of the Saudi National Day Monday. Twitter witnessed many hashtags that Saudis and non-Saudis participated in, sharing photos and comments about the occasion. “I would like to take this opportunity to share my pride and happiness with every Saudi Facebook and Twitter subscriber. This day unites us in the love of our nation, king and community,” said Mariam Abdulsalam, a Twitter subscriber. Scholarship students also used this opportunity to share their happy moments with their online friends. “I remember when I was back in elementary school, we used to have a theme where we dressed in traditional clothing and had an open day where we talked about the history of the Kingdom with our teachers,” said Somayya Al-Shamari, a MBA student in the US. “The best part of this celebration is that we used it as an opportunity to teach non-Saudi friends about out culture, history and food,” she added. ..moreLogo SUSRIS 300