SUSRIS Quarterly Summary: Jan-Mar 2010

Published: March 31, 2010

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Editor’s Note:

The SUSRIS Project unveiled a number of important developments during this quarter. First we have upgraded the basic SUSRIS web site with a stylish new look, a more user-friendly navigation function and expanded content including a more prominent focus on daily news items of interest. We have also converted the Web site location from a DOT ORG address to a DOT COM address. We will maintain the DOT ORG files under their original addresses for our visitors who have bookmarked their favorite articles, interviews and special reports and for the many writers who have included SUSRIS citations in book bibliographies and other original reference notes. []

SUSRIS also introduced a blog in recent months that will carry more materials on Saudi-US Relations but covering a broader range of commentary and context than has been provided in the “basic” location. []

The third innovation for the SUSRIS project was the launch of, a home for scores of videos from and about Saudi Arabia and America’s interest in the region. Among the videos are broadcast intervews and documentaries, conference proceedings, and entertainment clips that we have compiled in one place for your reference. []

Still to come is our overhauled newsletter. Be on the lookout for the new styling of the SUSRIS e-newsletter service, that will provide for you, not only an upgrade to the theme but also, more content from across the various SUSRIS project efforts.

All of this work is intended to make SUSRIS more useful for you to keep up with developments in the Saudi-US relationship. To help in this effort we ask for your help:

  • Feedback on how we’re doing. Just drop an email to with your perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of the various components of the SUSRIS Project. What do you like about the content and features? What needs more work? What have we included that was not useful? What have we missed? We invite the SUSRIS stakeholders to help shape our content and features. We also welcome “testimonials” on how valuable SUSRIS may have been to you in the past, with specific examles, if you have them, of what value you have gained from being a SUSRIS subscriber.
  • Content input. The SUSRIS team is always on the lookout for material to share with you. Interviews with specialists, transcripts from conferences and special events, reference material not readily available to you, and more. But try as we might to get it all we know you, the SUSRIS subscriber, are much closer to the kind of content that has made this Project a unique resource on Saudi-US relations since 2003. So please let us know if you have something interesting to share, whether it’s a suggestion for an interview subject — yourself or a colleague — to discuss a new development, or a link to an important online resource, please send us a note.
  • Referrals. We ask you to suggest a (free) subscription sign up to your colleagues and friends who can benefit from the perspectives, insights and news from SUSRIS.

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Quarterly Report.

The compilation provided today is a summary of SUSRIS articles, interviews, essays, items of interest and special reports distributed between October 1 and December 31, 2009 on as well as posts from the Blog and the Video ( sites.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping make the SUSRIS Project a top choice for news, analyses and interviews concerning US-Saudi relations. We appreciate your continued interest in receiving SUSRIS newsletters, in recommending SUSRIS to your friends and colleagues, and in visiting the SUSRIS Project Web sites. Production – Jan-Mar 2010

SUSRIS Blog Posts – Jan-Mar 2010

SUSRIS Tube Posts – Jan-Mar 2010

[These items were posted to during this period.  Some were created prior to 2010.]